Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brand Immersion is now Nucleus

Brand Immersion has moved to Nucleus, located at nucleusbranding.com. We’ll now be posting exclusively to that site and we’ve moved the latest Brand Immersion posts over to the new site.

Please visit us at the Nucleus site and enjoy its many offerings: information about who we are, what we do, what drives us, and, of course, our blog. Thank you for your interest!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Refreshing branding

KFC is creating a reservoir of goodwill by refreshing Louisville Kentucky one pothole at a time.

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Don't be surprised if you see Col. Sanders out filling potholes. In an unusual cause-marketing push, KFC is tackling the pothole problem in Louisville, Ky., in exchange for stamping the fresh pavement with "Re-freshed by KFC," a chalky stencil likely to fade away in the next downpour. This past holiday season, Charmin provided a public restroom in Times Square for the third year running. The company has also developed an application for iPhone and BlackBerry that helps consumers find toilets when the need arises. Samsung has installed electrical charging stations in many major airports to help travelers stay connected while in limbo.

Brands that lead with behavior, engage with the community, and that have a sense of civic responsibility are the brands we'll long remember and value through the recession and after it.

What do you think? And what other brands are doing the right thing and creating goodwill?