Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can Your Film Change the World?

Make a film.
Share it with the world. (submit by Feb 15, 2008).
Change the world.

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Myron said...

I see your name nearly every day. I am online checking on the sales of my book, Frozen Trail to Merica: Talerman.
In modern Norwegian "Talerman" means, "Speaker of the people." It meant the same thing in Old Norse and in the Algonquin (Indian) language.
You have prominent cheeks, a trait in Norwegians and Algonquin Indians. The rest of your face, and body, would be comfortable in an Algonquin family picture. If some of your ancestors may have been Algonquin(Old Norse) people your Talerman name may come from a long line of renowned "Speakers of the people." Talerman III sold land to a Quaker named William Penn.
My friends and I want to change the paradim of ancient America before 1450.
I invite you to look at our paradigm presentation in progress. (We started in October.) We are focusing on six presentations for high school teachers. See

If you can envision a way to help us with the technical aspects of the presentations, please join us.
My Friends and I survive on retirement funds, which allow us to finance some time to do what our passions desire. If your time must return money to support your current lifestyle, please tell us how valuable your time is.
Changing a paradigm changes the world.

Please help us change the ancient American paradigm.

The enduring rewards may be much more than money.

Myron Paine Ph. D.