Monday, March 31, 2008

Brand Immersion: PSFK Conference Notes

PSFK Notes
Grant McCracken and Allan Chochinov were the highlights for me at the recent PSFK conference. Here's a copy of my notes and following these - check out the video highlights.

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McCracken's notions of moving beyond "noticing as a brute activity" are a challenge to all who blog. While I couldn't find a piece of video to illuminate that point, I was able to locate the piece of his presentation that posited the notion of goods and services no longer being about indulging consumers - but enabling them.

Chochinov's inspiration - impact eco-systems of behavior, culture and environment. He got his point across by sharing with us an assignment he gives his design students - make a better pooper scooper. Here he wraps up his theory. It's all about sh*t...

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