Friday, February 15, 2008

Brand Immersion: Making Sustainability Personal

I'll start this post by stating that I am NOT a WalMart shopper. I've actively avoided shopping there because this is a retailer that has a long history of imposing the founder's politics on communities and treating employees badly.

That said, WalMart's efforts in the last 18 months to embrace sustainability are laudable. Their pressure on suppliers to reduce packaging, their actions to reduce the carbon footprint of their retail environments, and now, their efforts to educate 1.3 million employees about personal sustainable commitments are all active and progressive steps in making sustainability a mass market, main stream imperative.

Take a look at this video (and pardon me for subjecting you to the ridiculous interviewer) about WalMart's Personal Sustainability Practice initiative.
that are organized around clean water initiatives.

I'm all for supporting philanthropic giving and believe that making a profit while doing so is just fine (ala RED). This giving, however, comes with a price that is unacceptable. This giving is attached to the propagation of indelible waste.

Wake up Coke and Pepsi and shame on you Mr. Damon! Stop trying to justify trafficking bottled water by stimulating demand and cloaking its purchase in celebrity endorsement and good causes.

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