Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brand Immersion: Shoe Shopping

I know what you're thinking. "Shoe shopping...what could this possibly have to do with branding and marketing?" So I'll tell you...

A few months ago inMotion ( - an organization, on whose board I sit, that provides legal services to women without means) had a fund raising event at a shoe store called Te Casan. Brilliant. I buy shoes and they get money. No rationalization necessary. Guilt-free shopping. I bought three pair. But it wasn't altruism alone.

This was one a completely unique shopping experience. It started with an amazing environment. The store has three levels, each with its own intimate and unique vibe. Then there is the help. People who understand shoes, feet, and fashion. They care about how you feel, how your feet feel, and how your feet and their shoes marry up. And finally there are the shoes. I swooned when I saw, on the velvety leather bottom of a pair of delicious black suede pumps, "Limited Edition: 30." Only 30 other feet the world over would be wearing my shoes.

I left with three pair of beautiful shoes. I felt like I had scored a great prize or a great work of art. My feet would sport shoes more limited than the Miro print on my wall.

I haven't stopped talking about (or recommending) Te Casan since that evening.

This is an example of a flawless merchandising strategy. Great product, great experience, fair price, good service, and an impression of scarcity (or limited supply). No advertising necessary. This hits every hot button a shoe lover has and begets immediate and continually recommendations. There's no better or more efficient media plan!

Thanks to my friends at PSFK for the reminder. Time to go shopping for spring!

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Mark said...

And what a great idea for cause branding for the shoe store. They connected women of means with women without means. Beautiful!