Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brand Immersion: Brief for Ad Agencies

I was having dinner recently with one of my favorite people who just happens to be the head of a major advertising agency. As we were chatting about the dire need for innovation in agencies, from their sense of purpose to the product they deliver, it suddenly dawned on me that instigating massive change might be a fairly simple process...

Any work delivered to clients must be able to live and work beautifully within the confines of an iPhone.

There isn't a Web site, a television spot, a widget, or a viral application that can't be expertly captured, displayed, and broadcast by this magical device; from voice, to text, to images, to full length feature films.

It is here at last. We live in a fully mobile, IP-based world and advertising, marketing and branding that does not take this into consideration is work not worth creating, selling, or buying.

Full disclosure - I don't own an iPhone (yet) but there isn't a project I'm working on that isn't optimized for one.

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BigHat Head Honcho said...

Good food for thought on simplifying my next program. But it reminded me of my Newton and my disappointment in Mr. Jobs.

Apple got everything right with the iPhone except distribution...I want one too! But when they went exclusive to AT&T they
1) Lost my business
2) Opened the door for competitors
3) Doomed iPhones eventual success

iPhone and Mac OSX are doomed to fail unless they license them broadly. Reminds me of our past and the PS/2. Scary.

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